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Our revolutionary mobile system is designed to save you countless administration manhours.

Focus on the Job - Not Paperwork - Get Paid Faster


  • Employees in the field can update their time cards - on-site and on the go - through their Smartphone.
  • Managers can create daily tickets automatically, using the uploaded time card info, on any mobile device. You can make any necessary adjustments and send tickets off to your Consultant for approval, right then and there.
  • Consultants get a notification on their Smartphone immediately, and can electronically approve tickets anytime, anywhere, reducing your job cycle time immensely.

Oil & Gas Software Overview

The Owl Glass System is quick to learn and easy to use, yet is comprehensive enough to manage your entire operation. Every employee, vehicle and piece of equipment in the field can be accounted for with just a few clicks.

Our software eliminates the paperwork that Managers and Consultants hate to wade through. Your Consultant can sign off on your ticket electronically within minutes of receiving it. You don't have to wait for him to slog through a pile of paper waiting for him in the office before you can send your invoice to the client.

Invoice sooner - get paid faster. Our revolutionary mobile system is designed to save you countless administration manhours.

Owl GS was built with input from oilfield service companies specifically to meet the demands of the industry. It is ideal for construction companies, transportation firms, hydrovac truck operations, or any company involved in the oil and gas industry. We also customize the system to handle any job you do.

Owl GS Features and Innovations: - Our servers - and your information - are protected with bank-level security.

If a ticket requires any changes, Consultants and Service Providers can connect immediately through an instant message system built into the software, make adjustments on the fly, and get that approval sent!

Client stamps necessary for approvals are built right into the system on the Consultant's end.

Instantly upload info to your accounting software to make invoicing easy.

Unlimited options: We can customize modules for employee management and testing, job location info including mobile maps, and anything else you request!

Manage your operation on-site, on the go, even from home!


    Owl GS Corp
  • Phone: 780-241-3335
  • Fax: 866-468-1349
  • E-mail: admin@owlgs.com
  • Box 7615, Drayton Valley, AB
  • T7A 1S7

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Based in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Owl GS brings a hands-on approach to Oil & Gas cloud applications.

We understand first-hand the challenges on-site service providers face with traditional paper-based ticket approval systems. Our company is dedicated to helping you minimize the time and cost of administrating your business through our easy-to-use, fully customizable mobile system.

Contact Owl GS today to find out how we can help reduce your job cycle time and increase your profits!